Monday, 19 December 2011

There are many proven benefits to meditating on a daily basis. Some of these are physical in nature, some are mental and still other are spiritual. Although you may not experience all of the benefits that are listed below, it has been proven in many studies that everyone who participates in meditation gets some benefit, sometimes in a matter of days or for some, it could take a bit longer. The thing to do is to keep up with your practice so that you do get to reap the all the benefits that you can.

I've tried to list quite a few of the benefits that various people have told me about as well as those that are listed on websites and in articles. Myself? I find that most of the benefits that I notice are physical in nature, although there are quite a few people that say that there are certain mental and spiritual benefits that they've noticed!

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 Physical Benefits
  •  It increases blood flow and slows the heart rate.
  •  Lowers blood pressure.
  •  Reduces anxiety attacks
  •  Decreases muscle tension
  •  Helps in chronic diseases like allergies, arthritis etc.
  •  Reduces Pre-menstrual Syndrome symptoms.
  •  Helps in post-operative healing.
  •  Enhances the immune system.
  •  Helps with weight loss
  •  Drops cholesterol levels, lowers risk of cardiovascular disease.
  •  Cures headaches & migraines

Mental Benefits
  •  Builds self-confidence.
  •  Helps control your thoughts
  •  Helps with focus & concentration
  •  Improves learning ability and memory.
  •  Increases feelings of vitality and rejuvenation.
  •  Increases emotional stability.
  •  Helps quit bad habits
  •  Improves relations with people at home & at work
  •  Helps you to respond more quickly and more effectively to a stressful event.
  •  Helps in quitting smoking, alcohol addiction
There are a number of different ways to meditate. If you're interested in learning how to meditate in an easy comfortable way, there are a number of  different programs that are available.